LLC PRVIGroup is a family company, which was founded in 2008 .
We live in France, we know and love this country and share this love with potential Client.


We are one of the first Ukrainian companies specialising in the following:
- Consulting services to the Ukrainians related to the investment, business purchases and acquisitions, real estate, resident permit in France and Monaco, that became possible through the exclusive commercial partnership with the real estate agencies of the Franch and Monegasque law and notary offices.
- Consulting services to the foreigners related to the investment and acquisitions of real estate in Ukraine through the commercial partnership with the biggest real estate agency of Ukraine


PRVIGroup is able to serve any kind of clients, but but primarily the wealthy. We guarantee to Client the individual approach, expertise and confidentiality.


Is one of the countries that declared its Independency after the USSR shooting in 1991. Its geographic location is on the East of Europe, boarding Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia. Its territory is about 600 thousands of sq km with 40 millions of habitants.

The Klitchko brothers, the footballer Shevtchenko, the world-famous winner of Eurovision-2004 Ruslana are those who made our country internationally known. Welcome to our country!


Ukrainians have already had experience of investments abroad: Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. related to their new experience of travelling abroad. Recently, they have opened themselves to more European countries. This interest and demand becomes stronger and stronger every day.

Since the beginning of the world financial crisis, the level of price on the Ukrainian property has fallen down by more than 1/3. Thus, our investors were forced to look for the new markets. On another hand, our own market analyses show the growing interest of Ukrainians investing abroad.


Our team is always open to the mutually advantageous cooperation as well as to the expansion of our partnership network with the French real estate agencies.
At present, the question of short-and long-term lease is relevant in Paris and the Cote d'Azur.
Please, don not hesitate to contact us in case you may need any further information or to make a commercial offer!


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